“I came to Sava Fitness in May 2015 sick. I was overweight and tired all the time.”

I’ve tried working out in group settings before but was unable to stay interested. Now after months of training with Sava Fitness along with a nutrition plan that was right for me – I have energy again! I actually have a life after work now because I have the energy to do so!


Sava Fitness Member

“Fit & Lean Challenge was exactly what I needed to jump-start back into fitness and establish good, healthy habits.”

Sava’s program is straight-forward and very supportive. The workouts are challenging, but can be modified to fit everyone’s individual needs. The Fit & Lean Challenge promises that you’ll drop two pant sizes, and that’s exactly what I did! In 8 weeks, I went from a generous size 12 to a solid size 8, lost 17 lbs, and lost 4 inches from my waist! I was very pleased with the entire experience and the results.


Sava Fitness Member

“Three years ago I weighed 210 lbs. and I couldn’t do a single pull-up.Every morning I was tired and I had no energy.”

Finally, I decided that it was time to do something about it. I started working out on my own but not effectively. A few months later I had no routine and no results and I was still eating poorly.
This is when I started working out at Sava Fitness. During that time my body fat dropped from 21.6 % to 13.7 % and now I’m able to do 15 pull-ups. My blood pressure is down and my migraine headaches are much less frequent.  I’m turning 40 years next week and I’m in much better shape than I was in my twenties and in my thirties. I feel much more carefree.


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“I began training at Sava Fitness to not only learn how to properly workout, but to mitigate an underlying issue. I was pre-diabetic. My doctor informed me that if I don’t make a change in two years, I would be placed on Type-II diabetic medication.”

I began working out and learning how to properly exercise and how great Sava Fitness trainers are. They helped me with my nutrition and inform me of what I should and shouldn’t be consuming and what I really need to stay away.
I slowly began losing about 1lb to 2lbs a week. Fast forward three months later and I lost 22 lbs. Six months later I lost a total of 38lbs. Before I knew it, I weighed in at 147 lbs with a waist of 37 inches. HUGE difference! I managed to maintain that weight and continue to break through my strength plateaus and increasing weights during my workouts. End results, more muscle gain and less body fat. I now no longer run into the problems of sleeping mid-lunch or falling prey to sugar swings. I have a lot to thank to Sava Fitness team for teaching me the right stuff. I still have a journey ahead of me, but it is the right one!


Sava Fitness Member



“I feel better, stronger, more focused and more motivated. I got to the gym and proved to myself that I could in fact commit to positive change”

“Sticking with Sava Fitness nutrition plan and working out 4 times per week – I’ve been able to lose 35 lbs. and I’m also 2 pant sizes down.”

“Fast forward three months later and I lost 22 lbs. Six months later I lost a total of 38 lbs.”

“Now I weigh 153 lbs. and I went from a size 14 to a size 8! I am leaner, stronger and healthier than ever before!”

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