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The Bulgarian Bag Boot Camp fitness class in Greenville SC

Bulgarian Bag is a specialized fitness program for fitness enthusiasts and athletes!

This advance class is very beneficial for:
– People who practice Martial Arts
– Wrestling
– Football
– Firefighters and Police Officers
– Crossfit Athletes
– Sports that require core strength, stamina, endurance and flexibility such as tennis, golf or soccer

The Bulgarian Bag strengthens and increases the muscular endurance of the grip, arms and rotational muscles. It develops aerobic and anaerobic endurance, increase stamina and strength. It helps in building core musculature, coordination, and improving overall shoulder and joint mobility. Because of its unique shape and construction, Bulgarian Bag has the ability to target specific muscle groups of your core such as the abdominal oblique muscles which are hard to hit with the standard workout routines. Bulgarian Bag is a very versatile fitness equipment that provides incredible results and improve athletes performance. All of our Bulgarian Bag training classes are taught by a Certified Bulgarian Bag Instructor.  To schedule your complimentary Bulgarian Bag class in Greenville SC click on the appointment button below.

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